Settling in.

This week I’ve been very busy with packing, un-packing, moving things around and throwing things out.  My room is starting to come together (This summer i will be doing some painting here and there to make it look the way i want it to.  For now, it shall remain white walls with un-matching desk, dresser, bed, shelf and chair haha.)

So far, everything has been pretty good.  Everyone has been getting along well and I’ve been getting healthier and happier.
I’m hoping to be able to start exercising again this week.. i don’t know, though.  It depends if there is any boxes left around that could get in the way.
Tonight, my parents are bringing my desk here.  So, i’ll be able to unpack almost the rest of my things. (Still waiting for a shelf for all my books, tea-cup and other odds and ends)  I’m a bit of a clean-freak so everything being stacked everywhere in my room is driving me crazy!  I cannot wait until i’m finished and can just relax (Before going into a get body ready for summer mode)

My bunnies are gone, a lovely lady took them in at her little farm.  She was kind, so i am at peace with it and know they will be loved and taken care of. 🙂
Well, I need to do some tidying up so i better get off the computer.
I pray I can successfully sort this stuff out!


A little summer inspiration

I have been in such a spring and summer mood lately! This year i hope to fill my wardrobe with much dresses, sunhats, collars, lace, and anything that has to do with flowers!
I love sewing and making little accessories in the summer.  Warm weather always seems to make my creative side blossom! hehehe.
So, I have been looking for a little summer inspiration (i’m already ecstatic to get my hands on some supplies!) for what i want to buy and make starting spring. (today is the first day of spring, can you believe it??) Continue reading

In one fleeting moment..

You know those moments when someone says something unexpected, but it’s exactly what you’ve always wanted to hear?  like, if someone who is good at one thing tells you that you are good at doing it too.. you feel rather fantastic.  I had that this morning.. In one fleeting moment, i had a passion returned to me.. and now i feel all bubbly and terrific.

Recently, I began to have all my creative passions come back, things like painting, drawing, sewing, etc.  It’s been over three years since i have had any form of desire to have anything to do with these things.  I’m quite ecstatic to arrive and settle in at my new home so i can start putting my creative mind to work.

I’ll start looking for a sewing machine soon..  The two that i own are much too old and run down to use anymore.  And my Grandmother’s appears to be broken.
I pray i can find one that isn’t too expensive.  I’m hoping to make myself some lovely skirts for summer 🙂 Often times i can’t find what i like in stores. I recently came across vintage Simplicity, Butterick, and McCalls sewing patterns that i forgot i had in my possession. I’m hoping i can alter some of the patterns to fit my personal taste.
We’ll see how that goes,  pray i don’t mess it up hmm!

Anyways, i feel like i am just blubbering on for no reason.
I have to keep moving forward with my day.  I drank some piping hot lemon water with cayenne pepper (It did not agree with my taste buds one bit!) so i am feeling rather chipper and will use this burst of energy to tidy up the bunny cages and help finish the packing that is left to do.


I’ve been so busy with moving!! Was at my grandparents all week (without internet!) moving boxes from our storage bin.
I’m so excited to find all of my old things again.. Porcelain Dolls, Vintage Teacups, Jewelry Boxes, Sewing supplies, books, etc.  I haven’t seen these things in over two years..

Today, i am packing up everything in my room and helping my sister with any Kitchen and Living Room packing that needs to be done.  We will be cooking supper for my family (They have brought some boxes to my grandparents and will be back later) so we have lots to do!

I must continue.. can’t dilly dally for too long.

It’s Official

I’m moving!
My Parents went to my Grandparents house the other day and my Grandfather has asked us to live with them (They’re getting too old to take care of themselves) We’ve given our last months notice to the apartment building so i’ll be living with my grandparents by April 1st 🙂

I’m very excited! Although, i’ll have to stay in a room with my sister (We both have completely different tastes in everything haha) this is far better then our current situation!  My grandparents have a large pool so in the summer i’ll go for a swim after i workout.  That will majorly help with my fitness goals! Sadly, mum is talking to the lady i got my bunnies from today about what we should do.. I am giving them away.  I’ll miss them lots, but hopefully they go to a home that makes them the happiest bunnies ever 🙂

I’ve already started packing haha!! Sorting through clothes and whatnot. My room is a complete disaster!

I’m so excited for this change! There are some cute downtown shops there so i will be applying for jobs there. Hopefully everything goes smoothly! We have to go through our storage unit too.. All within one month!  I’ll be getting my bike back! so, i’ll be able to go for a bike ride whenever i want to.  I’m so so so so happy!