It’s Official

I’m moving!
My Parents went to my Grandparents house the other day and my Grandfather has asked us to live with them (They’re getting too old to take care of themselves) We’ve given our last months notice to the apartment building so i’ll be living with my grandparents by April 1st 🙂

I’m very excited! Although, i’ll have to stay in a room with my sister (We both have completely different tastes in everything haha) this is far better then our current situation!  My grandparents have a large pool so in the summer i’ll go for a swim after i workout.  That will majorly help with my fitness goals! Sadly, mum is talking to the lady i got my bunnies from today about what we should do.. I am giving them away.  I’ll miss them lots, but hopefully they go to a home that makes them the happiest bunnies ever 🙂

I’ve already started packing haha!! Sorting through clothes and whatnot. My room is a complete disaster!

I’m so excited for this change! There are some cute downtown shops there so i will be applying for jobs there. Hopefully everything goes smoothly! We have to go through our storage unit too.. All within one month!  I’ll be getting my bike back! so, i’ll be able to go for a bike ride whenever i want to.  I’m so so so so happy!


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