In one fleeting moment..

You know those moments when someone says something unexpected, but it’s exactly what you’ve always wanted to hear?  like, if someone who is good at one thing tells you that you are good at doing it too.. you feel rather fantastic.  I had that this morning.. In one fleeting moment, i had a passion returned to me.. and now i feel all bubbly and terrific.

Recently, I began to have all my creative passions come back, things like painting, drawing, sewing, etc.  It’s been over three years since i have had any form of desire to have anything to do with these things.  I’m quite ecstatic to arrive and settle in at my new home so i can start putting my creative mind to work.

I’ll start looking for a sewing machine soon..  The two that i own are much too old and run down to use anymore.  And my Grandmother’s appears to be broken.
I pray i can find one that isn’t too expensive.  I’m hoping to make myself some lovely skirts for summer 🙂 Often times i can’t find what i like in stores. I recently came across vintage Simplicity, Butterick, and McCalls sewing patterns that i forgot i had in my possession. I’m hoping i can alter some of the patterns to fit my personal taste.
We’ll see how that goes,  pray i don’t mess it up hmm!

Anyways, i feel like i am just blubbering on for no reason.
I have to keep moving forward with my day.  I drank some piping hot lemon water with cayenne pepper (It did not agree with my taste buds one bit!) so i am feeling rather chipper and will use this burst of energy to tidy up the bunny cages and help finish the packing that is left to do.


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