Settling in.

This week I’ve been very busy with packing, un-packing, moving things around and throwing things out.  My room is starting to come together (This summer i will be doing some painting here and there to make it look the way i want it to.  For now, it shall remain white walls with un-matching desk, dresser, bed, shelf and chair haha.)

So far, everything has been pretty good.  Everyone has been getting along well and I’ve been getting healthier and happier.
I’m hoping to be able to start exercising again this week.. i don’t know, though.  It depends if there is any boxes left around that could get in the way.
Tonight, my parents are bringing my desk here.  So, i’ll be able to unpack almost the rest of my things. (Still waiting for a shelf for all my books, tea-cup and other odds and ends)  I’m a bit of a clean-freak so everything being stacked everywhere in my room is driving me crazy!  I cannot wait until i’m finished and can just relax (Before going into a get body ready for summer mode)

My bunnies are gone, a lovely lady took them in at her little farm.  She was kind, so i am at peace with it and know they will be loved and taken care of. 🙂
Well, I need to do some tidying up so i better get off the computer.
I pray I can successfully sort this stuff out!


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