Breezy days

I love this warm weather!  I always feel so much more alive when it’s sunny and warm.
breezy days that carry the scent of flowers.. mmm.. my favorite.

Every year i have a sort of “Playlist” that forms that is my summer go to music.
This year, i am in love with Korean indie and ballads.  Pretty and simple music, music meant for just running away to the middle of nowhere with no one to stop you.  Music that pulls on my heartstrings.

So far, these seem to be the start of my summer playlist 🙂
 Standing Egg - LIKE  Standing Egg - Ambler Davichi - Love Delight  Davichi - Mystic Ballad Vanilla Acoustic - Vol. 2 Part. 01  Vanilla Acoustic - Semi-Basement Romance  Lucia - Decalcomanie

Some old, some new 🙂

Today has been super hot! 31 degrees and really humid! Although i said i love warm weather, i really dislike the humidity here.. I’m not even hot yet i feel like i’m dying!  Canada likes to go from 0 Degrees to 31 Degrees in two days.  My body has no time to adjust! uggh

I have been in a baking mood the last couple days! I’m hoping to bake some muffins or bread this weekend 🙂  I have to make some more Almond Milk too so i’m super excited for my weekend! I love spending time in the kitchen 😀 Weekend will definitely be busy for me! My boyfriend will be away so i have to keep my mind occupied so i don’t miss him too much. hehe

I re-organized my room last night.  I feel so much better now that I’ve tidied up a bit more.  Just have to get into all my boxes under the bed!  yet another thing to do this weekend!

Well, i’m going to make myself a cup of green tea.
Hopefully the weather gets a bit cooler tonight so it’s comfy to sleep.


I haven’t written much.

I blame it on me being completely lazy.

I went through some extreme stress last week and it was NOT fun. i was miserable all day, i never felt well rested, cried myself to sleep, etc.  Just awful.
I was wondering why i was feeling that way.  Why did i *have* to feel that way?  Then all of a sudden a thought pops in my head “You don’t have to, you know.  You could just choose happiness”.  my mind was blown.
So i decided to be happy, re-think my words and make sure they aren’t negative, and just stop being so darn self focused.
I wrote a little note to myself so i wouldn’t forget.
“I’m starting to realize that i need to make the most of my life and always look on the positive side.  Just because I can’t have gluten, grains, refined sugar, potatoes, legumes, dairy, and coffee doesn’t mean i can’t be happy and enjoy food. Why should i care when i’m practically forced to eat my favorite foods 24/7.
Be happy and make the most of every living moment.
You can’t change the situation, But you can change how you view and feel in the situation.”
I’ve gotta say, i’ve been pretty happy ever since.

Speaking of food! I got to make Cinnamon Bun Muffins, Chocolate cereal, Snickerdoodles, and waffles these past two weeks. 🙂  All gluten, grain, sugar and dairy free.  My belly is happy.
In mid-June i will officially be 4 Months Gluten and Dairy free! I am definitely seeing improvement in my health every month. Even though i’m eating healthy and leaning out, i’m filling in.  I went through eating problems and practically starving myself in desperate attempts to lose weight that i got too skinny.  and most of my upper body hadn’t filled back out in the last two years.  I’m no longer embarrassed to reveal my back in dresses! so incredibly happy! i could cry haha.  It’s amazing what our bodies are capable of!

I seriously nap a lot now.
I used to never nap! now i nap almost everyday.  sometimes twice a day. (11AM to 12PM and 4PM to 5PM) seriously, i’m just finishing up this post then napping.
I blame it on sleeping at 11PM and waking up at 5:30/6:00AM for my morning workout.
need to fix that..

Anyways, i am nodding off here.
I need to start updating more often, i just don’t always have anything to talk about.  I will change that!



Oh, spring.

Oh, spring.

You have finally graced us with your warm embrace and moist air.
My skin, hair and lungs thank you.

Seriously, my body hates winter. Health goes up and down constantly, hair turns into wheat, skin decides to break out, body decides it can’t keep itself warm, etc.

I am so excited for warm weather! Even though i have to avoid the sun like the plague (Burn super fast) I still get my 5 – 20 minute soak everyday before covering up and i love it! no more having to mentally prepare myself to be assaulted by icy cold wind when i go outside. i can just prance out the door and feel the warmth of the sun shine down on me.. mmm. Spring makes me so happy.

It’s been awhile

I haven’t made a new blog post in awhile cause I’ve been kinda busy (but kinda lazy at the same time). I haven’t been on my computer much lately.

Life has been a bit stressful and complicated… And often times when i think it’s finally getting better something happens and it tears me down.  I feel really sensitive, and i can’t figure out why.  It’s hard..because most things i shouldn’t get upset about are upsetting me, and it feels like no one cares.  I try to not care…  I know i shouldn’t care.
But guess what, I really do care.  And i can’t help it…  I can’t change my feelings even though i want to.
I think i need to just sit down and let it all out.. tell someone.. cry and have someone just hold me for awhile.  I just don’t know who to go to.. cause i don’t even know what to say.

Despite my 6day/week exercising, healthy eating and keeping my skin clean, my skin has been freaking out lately.. and i think i just figured out why.  My facewash is too harsh (I don’t use store bought cleansers cause they have chemicals that fill my pores like there is no tomorrow. ew) so, i’m looking for other options (Honey, Fresh coconut milk, fruit, veggies, essential oils, etc).  Hopefully, my skin gets better.

I’ve been baking a lot! Making Gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free goodies (That aren’t exactly goodies cause they are so low in calories and healthy)
Finding out more foods that i can’t eat has been a pain.  I can’t have Legumes (Peanuts are being tested now, i think i might be able to in super small and rare amounts) and most definitely have to avoid potatoes (But i can have sweet potatoes! yum).

My sister comes home in 9 days 🙂
I plan to spend most of my summer with her hehe. So excited!

I have to go do some laundry while it’s still sunny out (And warm! Finally warm here in Canada)
Hopefully i actually post again within two days.
Stress, go away.