I haven’t written much.

I blame it on me being completely lazy.

I went through some extreme stress last week and it was NOT fun. i was miserable all day, i never felt well rested, cried myself to sleep, etc.  Just awful.
I was wondering why i was feeling that way.  Why did i *have* to feel that way?  Then all of a sudden a thought pops in my head “You don’t have to, you know.  You could just choose happiness”.  my mind was blown.
So i decided to be happy, re-think my words and make sure they aren’t negative, and just stop being so darn self focused.
I wrote a little note to myself so i wouldn’t forget.
“I’m starting to realize that i need to make the most of my life and always look on the positive side.  Just because I can’t have gluten, grains, refined sugar, potatoes, legumes, dairy, and coffee doesn’t mean i can’t be happy and enjoy food. Why should i care when i’m practically forced to eat my favorite foods 24/7.
Be happy and make the most of every living moment.
You can’t change the situation, But you can change how you view and feel in the situation.”
I’ve gotta say, i’ve been pretty happy ever since.

Speaking of food! I got to make Cinnamon Bun Muffins, Chocolate cereal, Snickerdoodles, and waffles these past two weeks. 🙂  All gluten, grain, sugar and dairy free.  My belly is happy.
In mid-June i will officially be 4 Months Gluten and Dairy free! I am definitely seeing improvement in my health every month. Even though i’m eating healthy and leaning out, i’m filling in.  I went through eating problems and practically starving myself in desperate attempts to lose weight that i got too skinny.  and most of my upper body hadn’t filled back out in the last two years.  I’m no longer embarrassed to reveal my back in dresses! so incredibly happy! i could cry haha.  It’s amazing what our bodies are capable of!

I seriously nap a lot now.
I used to never nap! now i nap almost everyday.  sometimes twice a day. (11AM to 12PM and 4PM to 5PM) seriously, i’m just finishing up this post then napping.
I blame it on sleeping at 11PM and waking up at 5:30/6:00AM for my morning workout.
need to fix that..

Anyways, i am nodding off here.
I need to start updating more often, i just don’t always have anything to talk about.  I will change that!



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