Breezy days

I love this warm weather!  I always feel so much more alive when it’s sunny and warm.
breezy days that carry the scent of flowers.. mmm.. my favorite.

Every year i have a sort of “Playlist” that forms that is my summer go to music.
This year, i am in love with Korean indie and ballads.  Pretty and simple music, music meant for just running away to the middle of nowhere with no one to stop you.  Music that pulls on my heartstrings.

So far, these seem to be the start of my summer playlist 🙂
 Standing Egg - LIKE  Standing Egg - Ambler Davichi - Love Delight  Davichi - Mystic Ballad Vanilla Acoustic - Vol. 2 Part. 01  Vanilla Acoustic - Semi-Basement Romance  Lucia - Decalcomanie

Some old, some new 🙂

Today has been super hot! 31 degrees and really humid! Although i said i love warm weather, i really dislike the humidity here.. I’m not even hot yet i feel like i’m dying!  Canada likes to go from 0 Degrees to 31 Degrees in two days.  My body has no time to adjust! uggh

I have been in a baking mood the last couple days! I’m hoping to bake some muffins or bread this weekend 🙂  I have to make some more Almond Milk too so i’m super excited for my weekend! I love spending time in the kitchen 😀 Weekend will definitely be busy for me! My boyfriend will be away so i have to keep my mind occupied so i don’t miss him too much. hehe

I re-organized my room last night.  I feel so much better now that I’ve tidied up a bit more.  Just have to get into all my boxes under the bed!  yet another thing to do this weekend!

Well, i’m going to make myself a cup of green tea.
Hopefully the weather gets a bit cooler tonight so it’s comfy to sleep.


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