Muffins, sunbutter and rhubarb

I love spending my time in the kitchen.
Yesterday, i spent all afternoon making muffins, sunflower butter and washing then cutting up 15c. (120oz.) of fresh rhubarb from the garden (mmm! i love rhubarb!)
Will definitely be baking something with rhubarb soon 😀

My muffins, sadly, turned out badly. so very, very badly.
I don’t eat grains so i had to make my own Baking Powder… Well, i’m going to have to figure out how to use it cause it made my muffins super salty/baking soda flavor.   I literally gag on them it’s so bad! i’m so embarrassed and sad! I know for a fact that i followed the recipe 100%, minus the 1/4c. coconut oil that someone forgot to list when to add in the recipe so i forgot about it. but i doubt that would cause the major explosion of baking soda flavor?? I’ll have to play with the homemade baking powder.. see if i have to omit the baking soda/something in the recipe when i use it.

On the bright side, My sunflower butter turned out out Perfectly! so yummy!!
And i happily snacked on rhubarb while i cut it up 🙂

well, I’m going to clean my room, clean up my sisters clothes (re-fold everything) and tidy up her stuff.  Maybe have a nap after that… mmm