I haven’t written in quite awhile.
I kept planning to, but kept putting it off.  “My life isn’t interesting anyways”.
And i somehow couldn’t manage to type out my password properly and i gave up.

But, lately, i’ve been in the mood to write.  I have the desire to be more consistent and express myself better.

I got the chicken pox three weeks ago.  It’s been a very brutal three weeks..
I haven’t really left the house cause i feel so embarrassed of my appearance.
I’m almost to the point where my face no longer looks like i broke out in some sort of disease.  I’m so thankful.

Yesterday was thanksgiving. 🙂
I had a very lovely time celebrating with my family and i felt thankful for many many things.
I got to make a Paleo Apple Pie! I haven’t had pie in FOREVER and i was so excited! it was simply delightful.

Hopefully i will keep feeling inspired to write.
and maybe this will actually amount to something. 😉