content and blissful

I don’t know if it’s the endorphin’s from working out, my wonderful boyfriend, or if it’s for absolutely no reason.  But i’m happy, truly happy.

I haven’t done anything amazing, i’ve been somewhat lazy, still don’t have a job and i keep making mistakes but i feel… right.
I feel like something right has happened.  As if i’ve turned somewhere that’s good and it’s where i’m supposed to be.
I don’t feel antsy or like a failure.
I don’t feel ugly and insecure.
I don’t feel sluggish and tired of life.

My boyfriend has been encouraging me a lot  more this past week or so, and i  definitely feel the difference.
I feel closer to him, more comfortable with him, and that our bond is stronger.
Insecurities and worries of mine were dealt with and that was a lot off my shoulders.

I don’t know.. i just feel so at peace and truly joyful.
Life feels brighter.
Life feels exciting.
I feel hopeful.
I feel content and blissful 🙂

and it’s simply wonderful..
Life is wonderful


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