21DSD – day six

I can’t believe tomorrow will be one week! I feel like this is all going by so fast.

I woke up and was not really hungry so instead of eating a big breakfast i made myself a “Bulletproof Coffee” inspired Hot Chocolate..

I currently cannot have coffee (extreme sad face) 😦  Hoping to re-introduce that in the summer!
Made with coconut milk, water, cocoa powder, coconut oil, vanilla, pinch salt and cinnamon.  I was very happy with this but would use a bit less cocoa next time 🙂

Lunch was a “Quiche” Omelette made with Two eggs, Chicken Breast, Broccoli, Spinach, Nutritional Yeast, Salt, Pepper and Thyme!

This was delicious! Although, i’ll definitely flavor it better next time 🙂  Needed something more..
Maybe bake it like traditional quiche too!

I spent my entire afternoon cleaning the kitchen cupboards and then did some exercising.
I can’t believe how great exercising again feels! I’m just waiting for the weather to warm up and then my little brother and i will start getting up at 5:30am for an early morning run/jog/walk/whatever we feel like haha.

Dinner was just a simple plate of Sauteed Radishes and Celery with Raw Tahini.

Radishes are definitely one of my go-to foods 😀 So delicious!

After dinner i treated myself to 1/2 a square of unsweetened bakers chocolate with some lots of coconut butter! Yum!

I challenged myself to not eat any nuts or my almond and sunflower butters today.
Made it through successfully!

I am feeling a bit more full than i’d like to so i’ll continue listening to my body from now on.
I don’t think i’ll complain if i have another cup of Hot Chocolate for breakfast tomorrow 😉

Really excited for day seven!
Only two weeks to go 😀


21DSD – day five

Today was good 🙂
I snacked on some almonds and had a bit too much almond butter, but i’ll just let it slide.  No need to beat myself up. I’m definitely feeling too full and it’s time to take action.  I’m going to just listen to my body tomorrow.  If i’m not hungry, i’ll skip a meal.

For breakfast i had The Big Ass Pancake topped with a Vanilla Chocolate Sunbutter “icing” and coconut milk cream.  oh, some broccoli too. 😉

Can you see i made a little mini heart pancake for the coconut cream?
Something i’m noticing is that i eat half of this pancake and i’m stuffed.  Going to just make 1/2 the amount unless i’m starving.

Vanilla Chocolate Sunbutter “Icing”

1 tbsp Vanilla Chocolate Sunbutter (other nut and seed butters would obviously work)
1 tsp Coconut Milk Fat
Water to reach desired consistency
oh, i added extra cocoa too.  about 1/2 tsp

This ended up glazing over like the chocolate stuff on boston creme donuts! i was in heaven 😀
Chocolatey pancake heaven.

To make the sunbutter i simply baked 3 cups of sunflower seeds at 150F for 20 minutes and ran them in the food processor until runny then added approximately 1 tsp vanilla, a pinch of salt and 3 tbsp cocoa powder.  boom.
Definitely going to play with this until i get the perfect blend.

Lunch was leftovers!
Cauliflower rice mixed with crushed pine nuts and sesame oil with some baby bok choy and salmon.
(uuuuhhhh,  yes i did notice the light is super blinding in this photo.  I was hungry and impatient okay?)
I really do love the cauliflower rice with the pine nuts and sesame oil! Adds a super yum flavor.

My day was spent sorting things and cleaning.
Nothing interesting haha

Dinner was just some almonds, a stalk of celery with raw tahini, and some steamed asparagus.
I kinda just ate it and didn’t take a picture. whoops.

Overall, today was okay 🙂
I am definitely feeling too full so i’m going to work on that starting tomorrow!
Learn to listen to my body and eat proper portions.

Tomorrow is going to be interesting and i look forward to it.

21DSD – day four

Yesterday was pretty good 🙂
I got up nice and early at 6:00 for some yoga and pilates.

Breakfast was an Almond Avocado Banana Smoothie with a Vanilla Chocolate Sunbutter swirl!

A green tipped banana has never tasted so sweet and delicious 😀
I added some vanilla and extra cinnamon to it cause… well.. you can never go without vanilla in a smoothie. 😉
Thinking of adding cocoa powder next time too. mmm

I spent most of my morning catching up with my boyfriend.
Had a really nice time 🙂 I’ve really missed talking to him a lot.
Our relationship is long-distance (I’m in Canada, He’s in the Philippines) for the past three years we’ve probably talked for an average of at least 6 hours per day.
Never get bored of each other hehe.

Lunch was a huge taco salad.  This is one of my favorite meals ever, so delicious!
Spinach (or lettuce), 1/2 avocado diced, 1/4 – 1/2c. chicken cooked in taco seasoning, chopped green onion, mushrooms, taco dressing, and nutritional yeast!

I think next time i’ll make half the amount if i have such a filling breakfast.  felt a bit too full!

After lunch i had to prep to go to church!  left around 4:00pm
Bought a couple groceries and then headed to my sisters/aunts to pick her up.

Dinner was a Carrot (eaten before picture was taken) and Celery with Almond Butter.
Paleo on the go! 😀

I ran out of glass jars so i put the carrots in a plastic one.  My carrots tasted like plastic! gross!
I had such a light dinner because lunch was sooo filling!

Sitting in church for a couple hours (6:30 – 9:30) did not allow me to digest my food properly at all and i had the worst cramps!

Overall, i had a fantastic day!
I feel like i have enough energy to start working out while on the detox… i’ve missed cardio!
Going to try easing in slowly and see if i can build up to my morning hour workouts again! love a good early sweat session!

Feeling super happy and positive.
Even my skin is looking super nice!  I’ve had a hard time with it all winter 😦 rash around my nose, blackheads and whiteheads appearing, dry skin, etc.  super nice to have that clearing up!

Excited for day five! bring it!

21DSD – day three

I feel like this is all going by way quicker than i expected!
Is it too early to say i don’t want it to end?? of course not!

Today was just so great!
I slept in (i’ve been sleeping like a baby! I normally wake up at any sound but i’ve been sleeping through EVERYTHING..  is it from the detox??) and was a bit tired all morning.  but since around 2:00pm i’ve been like a chipmunk! SO annoyingly full of energy 😀

I completely failed to get up for sun salutations but there’s always tomorrow 🙂
I forgot to weigh myself on day one so i did that this morning, I weigh 114.4lbs.. wonder if i’ll lose any weight after this??

Breakfast was a Fried egg with sauteed kale and radishes!

This is actually something i eat very often outside of the detox! 🙂 always a favorite

I spent my morning browsing pinterest like a lazy person when i should have been dusting, vacuuming and sorting laundry.  whoops!

For lunch i had planned to make Paleo Sushi Rolls but then after preparing everything i couldn’t find my Bamboo Roll.  I was seriously beyond disappointed.
And you don’t even want to know what my attempt at hand rolling the sushi looked like.  cauliflower rice was just.. not sticky enough.. looked more like some kind of molded burrito to be honest..  really not my finest moment.. at all.. *shame*
So, i thought to myself “What do i do with all this??” then it hit me.
Just stick it in a bowl and pretend that was the plan all along!
I present you,  Paleo Sushi bowl!

Yep. That was the plan all along. i swear.

It was actually super delicious.  but next time i’ll add some more flavor.. found it slliiiightly dull.  Probably steam the cauli-rice to take away that…err.. raw cauli flavor

After lunch i had a cup of hot chocolate 🙂  Just some cocoa, vanilla, cinnamon, coconut milk and water.  Again, something i actually have outside of my detox.
I’m actually one of those people who LOVE unsweetened baking chocolate.  It’s just too good.

After that my day was spent doing more pointless things *cough*pinterest*cough* and then i DID do some pilates.. so not completely unproductive.

Dinner was very simple!
Celery, Carrot, Raw Tahini and Almond butter!

This meal always sends me to heaven.  i dunno why, but i just love it.

After dinner i felt cold and wanted more hot chocolate.  but i decided not to.. 🙂 happy i didn’t!

I am feeling super great today! had weird mood swings this morning, though.  went from depressed to happy but oh well! fine now 😀
I had zero stomach pain today, less bloating, and i don’t know if it’s just me but i’m noticing the rash around my nose is looking waaay less inflamed! hoping this means the detox is clearing it!

Ending my night with some beauty time! Banana, Coconut oil and honey hair mask.. mmm… dessert for my luscious locks! 😉

Excited for tomorrow to start!

21DSD – day two

Today was just great! I started out feeling really groggy and tired, but as the day progressed i had a ton of energy.

Breakfast was The Big Ass Pancake topped with almond butter and a sprinkle of shredded coconut.

It was simply delicious! I was a little hesitant to make this because I tried it last week but it turned into lightly burnt scrambled pancake. yes…  Scrambled. Pancake.  You cannot imagine the disappointment my tastebuds and i experienced that morning, so when i made it successfully today i felt so excited.
I’m starting to discover the “technique” to making coconut flour pancakes so that they don’t completely fall apart! yesss. insert happy dance.
I was completely satisfied after breakfast 🙂

For lunch, i had a fried egg, salmon and sauteed kale with baby bok choy.  I made it kinda spicy with paprika, garlic, salt, chili powder and some dehydrated onion flakes.

That was absolutely divine.
I can sense a baby bok choy obsession forming, which i have absolutely no problem with!
After lunch i made myself a cup of Peppermint tea.

At around 3:00pm i took some time to do stretching, yoga and pilates.  Felt so good to exercise again!
Plan to wake up nice and early tomorrow at 6:00 for some sun salutations and pilates. ♥

Any time i had any hunger pangs or cravings i just drank some water instead of heading to the kitchen.
I am so proud of myself.

For dinner, i had Celery, Carrot, Raw Tahini, Cauliflower and Sauteed Spinach.
February2 003
I just love veggies.

I had ZERO snacks today and ZERO fruit.
The only extra thing i ate was a smaaaaall bit of pine nuts cause i bought some for my meal tomorrow and i’ve never eaten them before.

I am super happy with how today went 🙂
By 2:00pm i noticed my energy had gone waaaaay up.  I’m hoping this continues!
I have waaaay less bloating today! super excited!

I am definitely looking forward to tomorrow, the next day and all of this detox! I am loving how i feel. 🙂
Definitely going to start planning how i want to incorporate this into my lifestyle!

Hoping tomorrow is as wonderful as today.

21DSD – day one

I have officially begun my first 21-Day Sugar Detox!  I’m hoping this brings me a new light in how i see food, how i treat sweets and how much i truly need to eat.
My goal is to eat slower, learn to eat less before i eat more, be real with how much i’m eating and listen to my body!  I don’t usually eat a ton of sugar, but i do notice cravings and the negative effect i’ve been getting from my recent fruit and honey intake.  liiiiitle bit more than usual.
I want to detoxify and start afresh! woo!

My morning started out great! 🙂 I forgot to buy green/green tipped bananas so my plan to make this Avo-nana smoothie did not work out..
Instead, I had some immune boosting soup with a fried egg and broccoli.

mmm.  i was super satisfied!
But, i knew trouble was coming.  My Aunt visits every other sunday and they always have Coffee and Dessert…  what’s a girl to do??

By Lunchtime i was hungry and ate 2 stalks of celery with sunbutter while i prepped my food <– this is where my mistakes began.
For Lunch, i had a granny smith apple with cinnamon and coconut butter and more immune boosting soup.

This really wouldn’t have been so bad had the next parts not happened.

After lunch, the smell of coffee and blondies was making me want to dive into a fountain of caramel goodness.  Obviously, i wasn’t about to cheat.  but you don’t need to cheat to make a mistake.. and that is what i learned today.
So, i threw together a 1/2 batch of this fudge and made a cup of licorice spice tea (has the most delightful sweet aftertaste)

I’d like to say it wasn’t a craving and just that i wanted to take part in the visit..  but (not so) deep down i know i’d be lying.

Shortly after i devoured the fudge and drank my tea, i realized i hadn’t drank more than 7oz of water yet today…  I usually drink about 65oz of water per day.  After i had some water my hunger pangs left me.. thank goodness! I was safe, right?  …Or so it would seem.
By 3:40 i felt like eating something so i ate a small carrot and a small handful of almonds.

after that i was like OKAY DONE.  NO MORE SNACKING.
boy, was i ever in for a surprise.

At 5:30 i made myself a fried egg with salmon.

yummy goodness.

I was all “yeah, no more eating for the night! i’ll be all good!”
But then i got the idea to make a batch of Almond Butter and Sunbutter.
harmless, right?
it should have been.

I somehow managed to think it was okay to snack and snack and snack on almonds while i measured them and prepared the food processor.
Then after making it i had to test it…  and lick the spoon…  and scrape the bowl down.
THEN i made my sunflower butter.  i usually don’t feel like licking up all sorts of that so i thought i’d be all good.  But then i had the brilliant idea of trying to make a Vanilla Chocolate Sunbutter.
The beautiful smells of warm vanilla and creamy chocolate just beckoned me to taste it..  and taste it i did.
Licked up the spoon and scraped down the bowl too.
Why did it have to taste so good?

I really don’t even want to think about how many calories i ate today.
just.. no.

My day wasn’t filled with cheats but i definitely feel like i cheated by making the mistake of over-eating on “Okay” foods. *cough* almonds *cough*
It’s embarrassing to write it all out, but i’m hoping it will just be a reminder to not do it again.
Tomorrow is a new day full of new beginnings and opportunities 🙂

Overall i was very happy and chipper
Low bloating
No pain (Pretty sure i was wrong about a nut/seed allergy)
Energy was low due to lack of sleep
And i obviously did have some cravings going on.  but i think it’s cause weekends are my weakness.. maybe.. maybe not…no..? okay..

Here’s to the next 20 days that i will look upon positively and with determination!

time flies

I cannot believe it’s already the 21st of February! My, my time flies!
I will be attending a friend’s wedding tomorrow and i’m so excited!  It feels like just yesterday that she got engaged!

My week has been very good! My sister arrived on Wednesday to stay with us and I’ve been having such a lovely time with her 🙂

On Sunday, I’m going to be starting the 21-day sugar detox.  Or at least a form of it? I don’t own the book but i want to give it a try anyway! I’ve read up a lot about it so i think i understand it for the most part.
I’ve been working on my meal plan and preparing for it all week.. i’m nervous but sooo excited!
I’m hoping to post a sort of recap of each day on here to keep me motivated 🙂
Very excited to see the changes in my body!
I don’t eat much sugar anymore and it’s only healthy sugars  (Honey, Maple syrup, Fruits, dates, etc).  I’m not one of those people who believe we shouldn’t eat any fruits, honey, etc.  I just want to teach my body that it doesn’t NEED those to survive.  Reset button!
Praying that everything goes well and i pick up some healthy habits that stick with me.. 😀