moments of self reflection.

I want to be different this year.
I want to be better.
I want to move out of my comfort zone, be brave and be an overcomer.

I’ve kept myself a prisoner by caring about what everyone thinks and fearing the unknown.
I don’t want to wait for things to change.
I want to make the change.
I want to be the change.

Today, I set myself free.
I’m going to dream past what’s “realistic” and set wonderful, seemingly impossible goals.
No pressure. Just freedom.

Enjoy the big things and delight in the small things.
Eat slowly, be mindful of every flavor, cherish every bite, and listen to my body so i treat it better.
Allow myself to indulge, but be mindful and not abuse it.

I want to create recipes.
Create art.
Create music.
And to not let fear of failure stop me.

I want to step out and be proud of who i am and carry myself with confidence and grace.
I want to take long walks, smile even when i have every right not to, savor every precious moment and step out into the beautiful world that surrounds me.

“Be brave, dear one.
You are stronger than you think, and braver than you know.
You, through me, can do anything.”


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