21DSD – day two

Today was just great! I started out feeling really groggy and tired, but as the day progressed i had a ton of energy.

Breakfast was The Big Ass Pancake topped with almond butter and a sprinkle of shredded coconut.

It was simply delicious! I was a little hesitant to make this because I tried it last week but it turned into lightly burnt scrambled pancake. yes…  Scrambled. Pancake.  You cannot imagine the disappointment my tastebuds and i experienced that morning, so when i made it successfully today i felt so excited.
I’m starting to discover the “technique” to making coconut flour pancakes so that they don’t completely fall apart! yesss. insert happy dance.
I was completely satisfied after breakfast 🙂

For lunch, i had a fried egg, salmon and sauteed kale with baby bok choy.  I made it kinda spicy with paprika, garlic, salt, chili powder and some dehydrated onion flakes.

That was absolutely divine.
I can sense a baby bok choy obsession forming, which i have absolutely no problem with!
After lunch i made myself a cup of Peppermint tea.

At around 3:00pm i took some time to do stretching, yoga and pilates.  Felt so good to exercise again!
Plan to wake up nice and early tomorrow at 6:00 for some sun salutations and pilates. ♥

Any time i had any hunger pangs or cravings i just drank some water instead of heading to the kitchen.
I am so proud of myself.

For dinner, i had Celery, Carrot, Raw Tahini, Cauliflower and Sauteed Spinach.
February2 003
I just love veggies.

I had ZERO snacks today and ZERO fruit.
The only extra thing i ate was a smaaaaall bit of pine nuts cause i bought some for my meal tomorrow and i’ve never eaten them before.

I am super happy with how today went 🙂
By 2:00pm i noticed my energy had gone waaaaay up.  I’m hoping this continues!
I have waaaay less bloating today! super excited!

I am definitely looking forward to tomorrow, the next day and all of this detox! I am loving how i feel. 🙂
Definitely going to start planning how i want to incorporate this into my lifestyle!

Hoping tomorrow is as wonderful as today.


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