21DSD – day three

I feel like this is all going by way quicker than i expected!
Is it too early to say i don’t want it to end?? of course not!

Today was just so great!
I slept in (i’ve been sleeping like a baby! I normally wake up at any sound but i’ve been sleeping through EVERYTHING..  is it from the detox??) and was a bit tired all morning.  but since around 2:00pm i’ve been like a chipmunk! SO annoyingly full of energy 😀

I completely failed to get up for sun salutations but there’s always tomorrow 🙂
I forgot to weigh myself on day one so i did that this morning, I weigh 114.4lbs.. wonder if i’ll lose any weight after this??

Breakfast was a Fried egg with sauteed kale and radishes!

This is actually something i eat very often outside of the detox! 🙂 always a favorite

I spent my morning browsing pinterest like a lazy person when i should have been dusting, vacuuming and sorting laundry.  whoops!

For lunch i had planned to make Paleo Sushi Rolls but then after preparing everything i couldn’t find my Bamboo Roll.  I was seriously beyond disappointed.
And you don’t even want to know what my attempt at hand rolling the sushi looked like.  cauliflower rice was just.. not sticky enough.. looked more like some kind of molded burrito to be honest..  really not my finest moment.. at all.. *shame*
So, i thought to myself “What do i do with all this??” then it hit me.
Just stick it in a bowl and pretend that was the plan all along!
I present you,  Paleo Sushi bowl!

Yep. That was the plan all along. i swear.

It was actually super delicious.  but next time i’ll add some more flavor.. found it slliiiightly dull.  Probably steam the cauli-rice to take away that…err.. raw cauli flavor

After lunch i had a cup of hot chocolate 🙂  Just some cocoa, vanilla, cinnamon, coconut milk and water.  Again, something i actually have outside of my detox.
I’m actually one of those people who LOVE unsweetened baking chocolate.  It’s just too good.

After that my day was spent doing more pointless things *cough*pinterest*cough* and then i DID do some pilates.. so not completely unproductive.

Dinner was very simple!
Celery, Carrot, Raw Tahini and Almond butter!

This meal always sends me to heaven.  i dunno why, but i just love it.

After dinner i felt cold and wanted more hot chocolate.  but i decided not to.. 🙂 happy i didn’t!

I am feeling super great today! had weird mood swings this morning, though.  went from depressed to happy but oh well! fine now 😀
I had zero stomach pain today, less bloating, and i don’t know if it’s just me but i’m noticing the rash around my nose is looking waaay less inflamed! hoping this means the detox is clearing it!

Ending my night with some beauty time! Banana, Coconut oil and honey hair mask.. mmm… dessert for my luscious locks! 😉

Excited for tomorrow to start!


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