21DSD – day five

Today was good 🙂
I snacked on some almonds and had a bit too much almond butter, but i’ll just let it slide.  No need to beat myself up. I’m definitely feeling too full and it’s time to take action.  I’m going to just listen to my body tomorrow.  If i’m not hungry, i’ll skip a meal.

For breakfast i had The Big Ass Pancake topped with a Vanilla Chocolate Sunbutter “icing” and coconut milk cream.  oh, some broccoli too. 😉

Can you see i made a little mini heart pancake for the coconut cream?
Something i’m noticing is that i eat half of this pancake and i’m stuffed.  Going to just make 1/2 the amount unless i’m starving.

Vanilla Chocolate Sunbutter “Icing”

1 tbsp Vanilla Chocolate Sunbutter (other nut and seed butters would obviously work)
1 tsp Coconut Milk Fat
Water to reach desired consistency
oh, i added extra cocoa too.  about 1/2 tsp

This ended up glazing over like the chocolate stuff on boston creme donuts! i was in heaven 😀
Chocolatey pancake heaven.

To make the sunbutter i simply baked 3 cups of sunflower seeds at 150F for 20 minutes and ran them in the food processor until runny then added approximately 1 tsp vanilla, a pinch of salt and 3 tbsp cocoa powder.  boom.
Definitely going to play with this until i get the perfect blend.

Lunch was leftovers!
Cauliflower rice mixed with crushed pine nuts and sesame oil with some baby bok choy and salmon.
(uuuuhhhh,  yes i did notice the light is super blinding in this photo.  I was hungry and impatient okay?)
I really do love the cauliflower rice with the pine nuts and sesame oil! Adds a super yum flavor.

My day was spent sorting things and cleaning.
Nothing interesting haha

Dinner was just some almonds, a stalk of celery with raw tahini, and some steamed asparagus.
I kinda just ate it and didn’t take a picture. whoops.

Overall, today was okay 🙂
I am definitely feeling too full so i’m going to work on that starting tomorrow!
Learn to listen to my body and eat proper portions.

Tomorrow is going to be interesting and i look forward to it.


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