21DSD – day four

Yesterday was pretty good 🙂
I got up nice and early at 6:00 for some yoga and pilates.

Breakfast was an Almond Avocado Banana Smoothie with a Vanilla Chocolate Sunbutter swirl!

A green tipped banana has never tasted so sweet and delicious 😀
I added some vanilla and extra cinnamon to it cause… well.. you can never go without vanilla in a smoothie. 😉
Thinking of adding cocoa powder next time too. mmm

I spent most of my morning catching up with my boyfriend.
Had a really nice time 🙂 I’ve really missed talking to him a lot.
Our relationship is long-distance (I’m in Canada, He’s in the Philippines) for the past three years we’ve probably talked for an average of at least 6 hours per day.
Never get bored of each other hehe.

Lunch was a huge taco salad.  This is one of my favorite meals ever, so delicious!
Spinach (or lettuce), 1/2 avocado diced, 1/4 – 1/2c. chicken cooked in taco seasoning, chopped green onion, mushrooms, taco dressing, and nutritional yeast!

I think next time i’ll make half the amount if i have such a filling breakfast.  felt a bit too full!

After lunch i had to prep to go to church!  left around 4:00pm
Bought a couple groceries and then headed to my sisters/aunts to pick her up.

Dinner was a Carrot (eaten before picture was taken) and Celery with Almond Butter.
Paleo on the go! 😀

I ran out of glass jars so i put the carrots in a plastic one.  My carrots tasted like plastic! gross!
I had such a light dinner because lunch was sooo filling!

Sitting in church for a couple hours (6:30 – 9:30) did not allow me to digest my food properly at all and i had the worst cramps!

Overall, i had a fantastic day!
I feel like i have enough energy to start working out while on the detox… i’ve missed cardio!
Going to try easing in slowly and see if i can build up to my morning hour workouts again! love a good early sweat session!

Feeling super happy and positive.
Even my skin is looking super nice!  I’ve had a hard time with it all winter 😦 rash around my nose, blackheads and whiteheads appearing, dry skin, etc.  super nice to have that clearing up!

Excited for day five! bring it!


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