21DSD – day seven

It’s been a whole week already?! I’m 1/3 way done! ahhhh
Today was pretty good! I had some things going on so i was stressed and upset.. not nice.
Gave me a baaaad headache too.

I woke up at about 6:40am and just layed there for awhile browsing pinterest.
Don’t pretend you don’t do that too.

I was not hungry again so i had some yummy fat packed Hot Chocolate.

Just hanging around 🙂 Lazy Saturday.

After that my morning became STRESSFUL.   It was all self-inflicted and misunderstandings, but it did not sit well with me.  My mood majorly effects my stomach 😦 Getting stressed causes me to be nauseated and i tend to lose my appetite.

When i went downstairs to the kitchen for lunch i knew i needed some comfort food.

I tried Cauliflower Porridge for the first time!  okay, I was a little very skeptical, but then after a few bites i was hooked. Topped it with Vanilla Chocolate Sunbutter in the photo and then i caved and added some coconut milk and coconut butter too.
no regrets!

After lunch, the stress got worse and i could hardly keep my food down.  not fun! 
it did get *mostly* resolved by 2pm and i was able to remember how much i enjoyed lunch.
I thought i ate too much for lunch cause of how unsettled i was feeling, but afterwards i felt very comfortable. 🙂
Did some yoga, pilates and some barre! love barre so much 😀

I was actually hungry for dinner!
I haven’t had that since the last time i experimented with the concept of listening to my body. 

Dinner was a Carrot with Raw Tahini and Celery with Almond Butter.

It totally didn’t hit me until now that i ate so little protein today.  ooops!

I’m not going to make a big deal out of it, though since i feel pretty good.
I’ll just make sure to have more protein tomorrow 🙂
After supper i treated myself to a big spoonful of Chocolate Sunbutter without any guilt. mmm yum.

…I have some grapefruit in the pantry that i need to start eating! I keep forgetting to eat my fruit …haha

I’ve started to notice that i’m slimming down.  I’ve always struggled with my inner thighs, but they appear to be leaning out! Hoping it’s not just me!!
Excited for day eight! Feeling better everyday 😀


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