a simple and bright calendar

I’ve started feeling more creative and free-spirited lately.. Maybe it’s because we are so close to spring?
Crochetting, drawing, reading and day-dreaming to my hearts content!
I cannot wait for the days i can go out on long bike rides, pick wildflowers, read under a tree, spend long afternoons doing yoga by the pool, wake up to beautiful sunrises, and feel so at peace with the world as warm winds caress my skin and the sun kisses my face.

While i’ve been cooped up in the house lately, I found all sorts of cute png’s and brushes that i’m so super duper excited to use to make everything cuter.
like, the calendar i made for april but am way too excited about it so i’m using it for february

I think it’s pretty darn cute.
I used pngs that i came across on deviantart.

I like being able to fill out all the days and whatnot in whatever writing-style i please.. 🙂



simple teatime calendar.

simple teatime calendar.

I’ve been working on making myself a “Life Binder”. Having all my plans, schedule, meals, etc. in one organized place.
I was on the hunt for a free calendar that i like and failed miserably. why am i so picky?
The layout was nice, but i didn’t like the fonts, decorations, etc.
I tried making some but filling out the date, days of week, month, numbers for the days, etc. was tiresome and my photo editor kept crashing.

So, i quickly came up with this simple one. It’s usable for any month, just fill it out 🙂
I didn’t draw any of the images, used brushes/PNG’S!
I’ll be putting together a Christmas themed one for December.
I just thought it was so cute and i’m happy with how it turned out.