time flies

I cannot believe it’s already the 21st of February! My, my time flies!
I will be attending a friend’s wedding tomorrow and i’m so excited!  It feels like just yesterday that she got engaged!

My week has been very good! My sister arrived on Wednesday to stay with us and I’ve been having such a lovely time with her 🙂

On Sunday, I’m going to be starting the 21-day sugar detox.  Or at least a form of it? I don’t own the book but i want to give it a try anyway! I’ve read up a lot about it so i think i understand it for the most part.
I’ve been working on my meal plan and preparing for it all week.. i’m nervous but sooo excited!
I’m hoping to post a sort of recap of each day on here to keep me motivated 🙂
Very excited to see the changes in my body!
I don’t eat much sugar anymore and it’s only healthy sugars  (Honey, Maple syrup, Fruits, dates, etc).  I’m not one of those people who believe we shouldn’t eat any fruits, honey, etc.  I just want to teach my body that it doesn’t NEED those to survive.  Reset button!
Praying that everything goes well and i pick up some healthy habits that stick with me.. 😀


moments of self reflection.

I want to be different this year.
I want to be better.
I want to move out of my comfort zone, be brave and be an overcomer.

I’ve kept myself a prisoner by caring about what everyone thinks and fearing the unknown.
I don’t want to wait for things to change.
I want to make the change.
I want to be the change.

Today, I set myself free.
I’m going to dream past what’s “realistic” and set wonderful, seemingly impossible goals.
No pressure. Just freedom.

Enjoy the big things and delight in the small things.
Eat slowly, be mindful of every flavor, cherish every bite, and listen to my body so i treat it better.
Allow myself to indulge, but be mindful and not abuse it.

I want to create recipes.
Create art.
Create music.
And to not let fear of failure stop me.

I want to step out and be proud of who i am and carry myself with confidence and grace.
I want to take long walks, smile even when i have every right not to, savor every precious moment and step out into the beautiful world that surrounds me.

“Be brave, dear one.
You are stronger than you think, and braver than you know.
You, through me, can do anything.”

a happy week.

I’ve been having a great week so far. 🙂
It all started when i treated myself to these delicious chocolate “peanut butter” cookies on sunday…  you really can’t go wrong when it comes to chocolate if i do say so myself.   I was a huge fan of peanut butter before going paleo and i have not tasted anything so spot-on in the past 8 months,  Even my non-paleo eating family loved them and couldn’t believe that they didn’t contain any peanut butter!  It was like Reese-Puffs cereal nostalgia and i was in blissful chocolatey-peanut heaven. mmmm

I quit eating Bacon (Hard to find sugar-free and junk-free) and Ham last week because i had a feeling the small amount of sugar and preservatives were not making my tummy happy.
I was right.
I can even eat fruit and natural sugars without looking 3 months pregnant. hallelujah

Oh, and just when i thought it couldn’t get any better i came across this beautiful recipe for boston cream donuts.
the one thing i have not stopped wishing for since my diet change.
I’m buying me a donut pan. 😀

I’m healthier, feel more alive and am starting to feel like life is going in the direction that i want it to.
Hopefully my week continues to be this bright and hopeful.  I have a feeling it’s just going to keep getting better..

happy (late) new year

It’s already February!! the past three months just flew by on me!
We’ve had terrible weather here.. 12ft snow banks on the side of the roads.. lol…

I am anticipating spring.  please, please come soon!
I hope 2014 has treated everyone pleasantly so far 🙂  Mine has been quite wonderful and relaxing

It is now 10pm and so i must sleep!
I plan to keep up with this (i know, i know, i said that last time)
But i’m going to view it as a diary of sorts from now on…  Hopefully i actually do it..

content and blissful

I don’t know if it’s the endorphin’s from working out, my wonderful boyfriend, or if it’s for absolutely no reason.  But i’m happy, truly happy.

I haven’t done anything amazing, i’ve been somewhat lazy, still don’t have a job and i keep making mistakes but i feel… right.
I feel like something right has happened.  As if i’ve turned somewhere that’s good and it’s where i’m supposed to be.
I don’t feel antsy or like a failure.
I don’t feel ugly and insecure.
I don’t feel sluggish and tired of life.

My boyfriend has been encouraging me a lot  more this past week or so, and i  definitely feel the difference.
I feel closer to him, more comfortable with him, and that our bond is stronger.
Insecurities and worries of mine were dealt with and that was a lot off my shoulders.

I don’t know.. i just feel so at peace and truly joyful.
Life feels brighter.
Life feels exciting.
I feel hopeful.
I feel content and blissful 🙂

and it’s simply wonderful..
Life is wonderful


I don’t know about you, but i have been in such a “cozy” mood lately.
I crave pumpkin, apple, chai, cinnamon, sweet potato everything!  Makes me want to curl up in a cozy sweater, read a good book and drink a warm cup of tea.
My Family have been requesting i make this salted caramel date loaf again. (On my list of treats to make Paleo so i can enjoy it too!)
I think it’s a lovely loaf and the color is perfect for Autumn.

And of course, it helps that my family raved on how delicious it was 😉

Last night, i made a Paleo Coconut, Banana and Raspberry loaf and oh. my. goodness.
It was amazing after cooling for a bit, but i had a slice this morning and it was simply. perfection.
This will become a go-to loaf for me.  Thinking of maybe trying different variations like chunks of apple, chocolate chips, blueberries, swapping the banana for pumpkin or applesauce, etc.

Although i dislike the cold, there is just something about Autumn that i adore.


I haven’t written in quite awhile.
I kept planning to, but kept putting it off.  “My life isn’t interesting anyways”.
And i somehow couldn’t manage to type out my password properly and i gave up.

But, lately, i’ve been in the mood to write.  I have the desire to be more consistent and express myself better.

I got the chicken pox three weeks ago.  It’s been a very brutal three weeks..
I haven’t really left the house cause i feel so embarrassed of my appearance.
I’m almost to the point where my face no longer looks like i broke out in some sort of disease.  I’m so thankful.

Yesterday was thanksgiving. 🙂
I had a very lovely time celebrating with my family and i felt thankful for many many things.
I got to make a Paleo Apple Pie! I haven’t had pie in FOREVER and i was so excited! it was simply delightful.

Hopefully i will keep feeling inspired to write.
and maybe this will actually amount to something. 😉