21DSD – day seven

It’s been a whole week already?! I’m 1/3 way done! ahhhh
Today was pretty good! I had some things going on so i was stressed and upset.. not nice.
Gave me a baaaad headache too.

I woke up at about 6:40am and just layed there for awhile browsing pinterest.
Don’t pretend you don’t do that too.

I was not hungry again so i had some yummy fat packed Hot Chocolate.

Just hanging around 🙂 Lazy Saturday.

After that my morning became STRESSFUL.   It was all self-inflicted and misunderstandings, but it did not sit well with me.  My mood majorly effects my stomach 😦 Getting stressed causes me to be nauseated and i tend to lose my appetite.

When i went downstairs to the kitchen for lunch i knew i needed some comfort food.

I tried Cauliflower Porridge for the first time!  okay, I was a little very skeptical, but then after a few bites i was hooked. Topped it with Vanilla Chocolate Sunbutter in the photo and then i caved and added some coconut milk and coconut butter too.
no regrets!

After lunch, the stress got worse and i could hardly keep my food down.  not fun! 
it did get *mostly* resolved by 2pm and i was able to remember how much i enjoyed lunch.
I thought i ate too much for lunch cause of how unsettled i was feeling, but afterwards i felt very comfortable. 🙂
Did some yoga, pilates and some barre! love barre so much 😀

I was actually hungry for dinner!
I haven’t had that since the last time i experimented with the concept of listening to my body. 

Dinner was a Carrot with Raw Tahini and Celery with Almond Butter.

It totally didn’t hit me until now that i ate so little protein today.  ooops!

I’m not going to make a big deal out of it, though since i feel pretty good.
I’ll just make sure to have more protein tomorrow 🙂
After supper i treated myself to a big spoonful of Chocolate Sunbutter without any guilt. mmm yum.

…I have some grapefruit in the pantry that i need to start eating! I keep forgetting to eat my fruit …haha

I’ve started to notice that i’m slimming down.  I’ve always struggled with my inner thighs, but they appear to be leaning out! Hoping it’s not just me!!
Excited for day eight! Feeling better everyday 😀


21DSD – day two

Today was just great! I started out feeling really groggy and tired, but as the day progressed i had a ton of energy.

Breakfast was The Big Ass Pancake topped with almond butter and a sprinkle of shredded coconut.

It was simply delicious! I was a little hesitant to make this because I tried it last week but it turned into lightly burnt scrambled pancake. yes…  Scrambled. Pancake.  You cannot imagine the disappointment my tastebuds and i experienced that morning, so when i made it successfully today i felt so excited.
I’m starting to discover the “technique” to making coconut flour pancakes so that they don’t completely fall apart! yesss. insert happy dance.
I was completely satisfied after breakfast 🙂

For lunch, i had a fried egg, salmon and sauteed kale with baby bok choy.  I made it kinda spicy with paprika, garlic, salt, chili powder and some dehydrated onion flakes.

That was absolutely divine.
I can sense a baby bok choy obsession forming, which i have absolutely no problem with!
After lunch i made myself a cup of Peppermint tea.

At around 3:00pm i took some time to do stretching, yoga and pilates.  Felt so good to exercise again!
Plan to wake up nice and early tomorrow at 6:00 for some sun salutations and pilates. ♥

Any time i had any hunger pangs or cravings i just drank some water instead of heading to the kitchen.
I am so proud of myself.

For dinner, i had Celery, Carrot, Raw Tahini, Cauliflower and Sauteed Spinach.
February2 003
I just love veggies.

I had ZERO snacks today and ZERO fruit.
The only extra thing i ate was a smaaaaall bit of pine nuts cause i bought some for my meal tomorrow and i’ve never eaten them before.

I am super happy with how today went 🙂
By 2:00pm i noticed my energy had gone waaaaay up.  I’m hoping this continues!
I have waaaay less bloating today! super excited!

I am definitely looking forward to tomorrow, the next day and all of this detox! I am loving how i feel. 🙂
Definitely going to start planning how i want to incorporate this into my lifestyle!

Hoping tomorrow is as wonderful as today.

21DSD – day one

I have officially begun my first 21-Day Sugar Detox!  I’m hoping this brings me a new light in how i see food, how i treat sweets and how much i truly need to eat.
My goal is to eat slower, learn to eat less before i eat more, be real with how much i’m eating and listen to my body!  I don’t usually eat a ton of sugar, but i do notice cravings and the negative effect i’ve been getting from my recent fruit and honey intake.  liiiiitle bit more than usual.
I want to detoxify and start afresh! woo!

My morning started out great! 🙂 I forgot to buy green/green tipped bananas so my plan to make this Avo-nana smoothie did not work out..
Instead, I had some immune boosting soup with a fried egg and broccoli.

mmm.  i was super satisfied!
But, i knew trouble was coming.  My Aunt visits every other sunday and they always have Coffee and Dessert…  what’s a girl to do??

By Lunchtime i was hungry and ate 2 stalks of celery with sunbutter while i prepped my food <– this is where my mistakes began.
For Lunch, i had a granny smith apple with cinnamon and coconut butter and more immune boosting soup.

This really wouldn’t have been so bad had the next parts not happened.

After lunch, the smell of coffee and blondies was making me want to dive into a fountain of caramel goodness.  Obviously, i wasn’t about to cheat.  but you don’t need to cheat to make a mistake.. and that is what i learned today.
So, i threw together a 1/2 batch of this fudge and made a cup of licorice spice tea (has the most delightful sweet aftertaste)

I’d like to say it wasn’t a craving and just that i wanted to take part in the visit..  but (not so) deep down i know i’d be lying.

Shortly after i devoured the fudge and drank my tea, i realized i hadn’t drank more than 7oz of water yet today…  I usually drink about 65oz of water per day.  After i had some water my hunger pangs left me.. thank goodness! I was safe, right?  …Or so it would seem.
By 3:40 i felt like eating something so i ate a small carrot and a small handful of almonds.

after that i was like OKAY DONE.  NO MORE SNACKING.
boy, was i ever in for a surprise.

At 5:30 i made myself a fried egg with salmon.

yummy goodness.

I was all “yeah, no more eating for the night! i’ll be all good!”
But then i got the idea to make a batch of Almond Butter and Sunbutter.
harmless, right?
it should have been.

I somehow managed to think it was okay to snack and snack and snack on almonds while i measured them and prepared the food processor.
Then after making it i had to test it…  and lick the spoon…  and scrape the bowl down.
THEN i made my sunflower butter.  i usually don’t feel like licking up all sorts of that so i thought i’d be all good.  But then i had the brilliant idea of trying to make a Vanilla Chocolate Sunbutter.
The beautiful smells of warm vanilla and creamy chocolate just beckoned me to taste it..  and taste it i did.
Licked up the spoon and scraped down the bowl too.
Why did it have to taste so good?

I really don’t even want to think about how many calories i ate today.
just.. no.

My day wasn’t filled with cheats but i definitely feel like i cheated by making the mistake of over-eating on “Okay” foods. *cough* almonds *cough*
It’s embarrassing to write it all out, but i’m hoping it will just be a reminder to not do it again.
Tomorrow is a new day full of new beginnings and opportunities 🙂

Overall i was very happy and chipper
Low bloating
No pain (Pretty sure i was wrong about a nut/seed allergy)
Energy was low due to lack of sleep
And i obviously did have some cravings going on.  but i think it’s cause weekends are my weakness.. maybe.. maybe not…no..? okay..

Here’s to the next 20 days that i will look upon positively and with determination!

a happy week.

I’ve been having a great week so far. 🙂
It all started when i treated myself to these delicious chocolate “peanut butter” cookies on sunday…  you really can’t go wrong when it comes to chocolate if i do say so myself.   I was a huge fan of peanut butter before going paleo and i have not tasted anything so spot-on in the past 8 months,  Even my non-paleo eating family loved them and couldn’t believe that they didn’t contain any peanut butter!  It was like Reese-Puffs cereal nostalgia and i was in blissful chocolatey-peanut heaven. mmmm

I quit eating Bacon (Hard to find sugar-free and junk-free) and Ham last week because i had a feeling the small amount of sugar and preservatives were not making my tummy happy.
I was right.
I can even eat fruit and natural sugars without looking 3 months pregnant. hallelujah

Oh, and just when i thought it couldn’t get any better i came across this beautiful recipe for boston cream donuts.
the one thing i have not stopped wishing for since my diet change.
I’m buying me a donut pan. 😀

I’m healthier, feel more alive and am starting to feel like life is going in the direction that i want it to.
Hopefully my week continues to be this bright and hopeful.  I have a feeling it’s just going to keep getting better..

content and blissful

I don’t know if it’s the endorphin’s from working out, my wonderful boyfriend, or if it’s for absolutely no reason.  But i’m happy, truly happy.

I haven’t done anything amazing, i’ve been somewhat lazy, still don’t have a job and i keep making mistakes but i feel… right.
I feel like something right has happened.  As if i’ve turned somewhere that’s good and it’s where i’m supposed to be.
I don’t feel antsy or like a failure.
I don’t feel ugly and insecure.
I don’t feel sluggish and tired of life.

My boyfriend has been encouraging me a lot  more this past week or so, and i  definitely feel the difference.
I feel closer to him, more comfortable with him, and that our bond is stronger.
Insecurities and worries of mine were dealt with and that was a lot off my shoulders.

I don’t know.. i just feel so at peace and truly joyful.
Life feels brighter.
Life feels exciting.
I feel hopeful.
I feel content and blissful 🙂

and it’s simply wonderful..
Life is wonderful

Breezy days

I love this warm weather!  I always feel so much more alive when it’s sunny and warm.
breezy days that carry the scent of flowers.. mmm.. my favorite.

Every year i have a sort of “Playlist” that forms that is my summer go to music.
This year, i am in love with Korean indie and ballads.  Pretty and simple music, music meant for just running away to the middle of nowhere with no one to stop you.  Music that pulls on my heartstrings.

So far, these seem to be the start of my summer playlist 🙂
 Standing Egg - LIKE  Standing Egg - Ambler Davichi - Love Delight  Davichi - Mystic Ballad Vanilla Acoustic - Vol. 2 Part. 01  Vanilla Acoustic - Semi-Basement Romance  Lucia - Decalcomanie

Some old, some new 🙂

Today has been super hot! 31 degrees and really humid! Although i said i love warm weather, i really dislike the humidity here.. I’m not even hot yet i feel like i’m dying!  Canada likes to go from 0 Degrees to 31 Degrees in two days.  My body has no time to adjust! uggh

I have been in a baking mood the last couple days! I’m hoping to bake some muffins or bread this weekend 🙂  I have to make some more Almond Milk too so i’m super excited for my weekend! I love spending time in the kitchen 😀 Weekend will definitely be busy for me! My boyfriend will be away so i have to keep my mind occupied so i don’t miss him too much. hehe

I re-organized my room last night.  I feel so much better now that I’ve tidied up a bit more.  Just have to get into all my boxes under the bed!  yet another thing to do this weekend!

Well, i’m going to make myself a cup of green tea.
Hopefully the weather gets a bit cooler tonight so it’s comfy to sleep.

I haven’t written much.

I blame it on me being completely lazy.

I went through some extreme stress last week and it was NOT fun. i was miserable all day, i never felt well rested, cried myself to sleep, etc.  Just awful.
I was wondering why i was feeling that way.  Why did i *have* to feel that way?  Then all of a sudden a thought pops in my head “You don’t have to, you know.  You could just choose happiness”.  my mind was blown.
So i decided to be happy, re-think my words and make sure they aren’t negative, and just stop being so darn self focused.
I wrote a little note to myself so i wouldn’t forget.
“I’m starting to realize that i need to make the most of my life and always look on the positive side.  Just because I can’t have gluten, grains, refined sugar, potatoes, legumes, dairy, and coffee doesn’t mean i can’t be happy and enjoy food. Why should i care when i’m practically forced to eat my favorite foods 24/7.
Be happy and make the most of every living moment.
You can’t change the situation, But you can change how you view and feel in the situation.”
I’ve gotta say, i’ve been pretty happy ever since.

Speaking of food! I got to make Cinnamon Bun Muffins, Chocolate cereal, Snickerdoodles, and waffles these past two weeks. 🙂  All gluten, grain, sugar and dairy free.  My belly is happy.
In mid-June i will officially be 4 Months Gluten and Dairy free! I am definitely seeing improvement in my health every month. Even though i’m eating healthy and leaning out, i’m filling in.  I went through eating problems and practically starving myself in desperate attempts to lose weight that i got too skinny.  and most of my upper body hadn’t filled back out in the last two years.  I’m no longer embarrassed to reveal my back in dresses! so incredibly happy! i could cry haha.  It’s amazing what our bodies are capable of!

I seriously nap a lot now.
I used to never nap! now i nap almost everyday.  sometimes twice a day. (11AM to 12PM and 4PM to 5PM) seriously, i’m just finishing up this post then napping.
I blame it on sleeping at 11PM and waking up at 5:30/6:00AM for my morning workout.
need to fix that..

Anyways, i am nodding off here.
I need to start updating more often, i just don’t always have anything to talk about.  I will change that!