time flies

I cannot believe it’s already the 21st of February! My, my time flies!
I will be attending a friend’s wedding tomorrow and i’m so excited!  It feels like just yesterday that she got engaged!

My week has been very good! My sister arrived on Wednesday to stay with us and I’ve been having such a lovely time with her 🙂

On Sunday, I’m going to be starting the 21-day sugar detox.  Or at least a form of it? I don’t own the book but i want to give it a try anyway! I’ve read up a lot about it so i think i understand it for the most part.
I’ve been working on my meal plan and preparing for it all week.. i’m nervous but sooo excited!
I’m hoping to post a sort of recap of each day on here to keep me motivated 🙂
Very excited to see the changes in my body!
I don’t eat much sugar anymore and it’s only healthy sugars  (Honey, Maple syrup, Fruits, dates, etc).  I’m not one of those people who believe we shouldn’t eat any fruits, honey, etc.  I just want to teach my body that it doesn’t NEED those to survive.  Reset button!
Praying that everything goes well and i pick up some healthy habits that stick with me.. 😀


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